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Automobile Cigarette Lighter to 120V AC Supply Looks Like a Coffee Cup

Converting your car’s cigarette lighter into a full household power supply is nothing new, but this one has all the wizardry contained in a box the shape and size of a takeaway coffee cup. This makes it the perfect size to fit in your car’s cup holder!

Also no more fiddling around to find the end of the cigarette lighter adpater to plug your gadget into, as well as it having 2 standard power outlets.

Le Whif Breathable Chocolate and Coffee

Le Whif Breathable Chocolate and Coffee

Le Whif Breathable Chocolate and Coffee Le Whif is perhaps the most perfect product ever made and has an awesome name to boot. Le Whif allows the weight conscience to inhale coffee or chocolate without the calories and guilt. You simply pop open the product, stick in your lips and inhale through your mouth. Sure it looks like you are enjoying a robusto cigar, but instead of smoke you are inhaling tiny molecules of yummy chocolate or tending to your coffee craving.

This product is not for use if your name is Bill Clinton.

Check out the video after the jump…

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Talking Coffee Maker Accepts Verbal Commands

talking coffee makerEven if you’re still way too sleepy to see your coffee maker’s buttons, you can still operate and program this coffeemaker just by using your voice. It asks you questions and you respond. For example, say “Set the coffee brewing time” and this smart cookie will prompt you with “Please say the time”.

Of course, there are still buttons in case you want to go ‘old school’. This maker brews up to 10 cups and lets you remove the carafe mid-brew to snag a quick cup. Plastic filter and carafe are dishwasher-safe.

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Price: $99.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

NY indie coffee shops probably driving customers to Starbucks

In what I think is a bad move by these independent coffee shops in NYC, they’re shooing their laptop-wielding customers who camp out and buy very little in the way of coffee.

Enter Starbucks, who saw an opening and jumped into the conversation saying that their customers can stay as long as they want. See what just happened there? We blogged about it too, and now Starbucks has just a little more publicity.

So now you know where to get that caffeine hit and hang out with your ‘puter.

Aerobie Aeropress – hand press coffee maker

Aerobie Aeropress

Here’s another coffee gadget for you caffeine addicts – the Aerobie AeroPress. This ingenious creation allows you to brew fresh coffee into your cup without having to make a big pot or invest in an expensive machine.

All you have to do is stick your fresh coffee into the top of the ‘tube’, position it over cup, add water and plunge – sounds like a quick and tasty brew. If you’re struggling to see how it works, there’s a neat video on their website which is worth a watch – hit the link below.

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Coffee Mug changes color based on temperature

Hot Cold Mug

This is a very creative product that would make the perfect gift for any one. It looks like an ordinary mug with nothing special about it except that it changes colors depending on the temperature of the liquids in it. It uses heat sensitive materials so that the mug will change colors when introduced to heat from liquids. The black color is cold, and the white stands for the hot. The lettering on the mug will also change from cold to hot. This is a great way to know if your coffee is hot or if you should go and refill your cup. No more drinking lukewarm coffee with this mug. This gizmo will let you know when it is time for another coffee break!

Price: $25.00
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

The Javabot – Monster machine makes coffee

No, it’s not an android-like robot, but rather a big automated machine that sits next to a wall with its 13 cylindrical bins of roasted and raw beans. Six bins hold beans just before roasting.

The tubes are hooked up via a pneumatic mechanism. When someone orders a cup of joe, the Javabot kicks into action sucking enough beans over to the roaster, then the grinder and then into the brewing machine.

You can get a look at (and some coffee from) the Javabot at the Roasting Plant coffee store in New York City.

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ROSIE Coffee Table: Takes the Next Step in Surface Technology

ROSIE Coffee Table Savant Systems LLC has announced the first Apple-based coffee table surface product called the ROSIE Coffee Table Touchpanel Controller. ROSie supports all the capabilities of the Savant suite of ROSIE in-wall touch panels as well as as new and exciting interactive multimedia capabilities such as integration and interaction with iTunes, multimedia content, digital cameras, IP network cameras, business card readers and other high-tech devices.

Victor Saverino, director of product management at Savant said, “The ROSIE Coffee Table brings the converged functionality of a touch panel to an interactive surface technology that is practical on the one hand, entertaining and exciting to use on the other. The ROSIE Coffee Table is truly the evolution of interactive technology—it can seamlessly download photos from digital cameras, play music, movies, and TV shows as well as accomplish complete home control all from within one elegant forty-inch interface.” Savant plans to offer the ROSIE Coffee Table in a number of different furniture styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.

Starbucks Coffee Coming to Tassimo Single Serve Coffee System

Starbucks Coffee Coming to Tassimo Single Serve Coffee System I never thought I would acquire the addiction to Starbucks that I saw so many friends and even my brother fall prey to, but at times I find I must go to Starbucks and snag a Grande Non-fat White Chocolate Mocha Light-Whip and suck it down. I use to only drink coffee during the winter and when buying cars but now find a cup of coffee in the middle of a heat wave in Hot’lanta soothing.

Anyway, our friends over at Blogpire sent us a tip that Starbucks has finally entered into the single serve coffee market and will be providing four new blends of coffee in December. Also part of the announcement Tasssimo/Kraft is dumping braun and going with Bosch to make a new Tassimo Hot Beverage System in June of 2008.

Source: Single Serve Coffee

Airtight Coffee Storage & Dispenser

Airtight Coffee Storage & Dispenser

If you’re a coffee buff, and hate drinking coffee made from stale grounds, take a look at this practical gadget. It’s a storage canister and a dispenser in one. Really simple mechanism – just hold and press the button for the release of exactly one tablespoon of coffee, without exposing the rest of the coffee to the air. The Indispensable Coffee Dispenser stores over half-a-pound of ground coffee.

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